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Monthly Net Worth Update – April 2017

April Net Worth Update

I am happy to finally exceed the $70,000 mark! To be honest, I haven’t done anything special aside from saving money, trying to keep my expenses to a minimum, and to ensure I am putting money into my rIRA, index fund, and most importantly, my 401K.

Fancy Numbers

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Monthly Net Worth Update – March 2017

March Net Worth UpdateCapture123.JPG

As of March 7, 2017, here is my current net worth update. I’ve finally surpassed $50,000 saved in investment accounts (rIRA, 401K, ESPP, and brokerage account for index fund). You’ll notice that I have 4 Fidelity accounts, which can look extremely confusing. Here’s the breakdown.

1. Fidelity Investments  INDIVIDUAL $0.00 – Money that gets transferred here after my ESPP (company stock) wait period is complete. None have been transferred yet!

2. Fidelity Investments $2196.76 – my ESPP account. Will be transferred to the INDIVIDUAL account once the wait period is over.

3. Fidelity Investments $1,294.23 – my stock grant from my company. There is a two year vesting period for this!

4. Fidelity Investments $25,302.38 – my 401K. I put about $1,500/mo into this account. It comes straight from my paycheck. I am looking to max it out this year and I am on track.

5. Vanguard Group – $4163.41 – My VTSMX index fund in which I just recently opened. I am looking to use this as a partial way to save money for a down payment on a house. I am in NO rush to buy a house right now and if this fund drops during the time frame of when I am ready to buy a house, then it will not be used to purchase a home. It will be a fund that I keep piling money into.

6. Vanguard Group $22,203.25 – My roth IRA. I am hoping to max this account before Fall 2017!

7. Cash $10,087.44 – I am steadily saving up money for a house down payment. Again, I am not seeking to buy a home any time soon and my main focus right now is to maximize my tIRA and 401K accounts. Any wiggle room with extra cash, I either keep it in my two savings accounts or roll it into my index fund. Simple as that.

8. Credit Card deb -$710.37 – A strong mix of groceries, eating out, haircuts, buying my WordPress domain, Amazon, and owing people food!

TOTAL…Combining cash and my investments, my current net worth stands at $64,500!

March Outlook

The market has been doing great so far. My rIRA and index fund combined is standing at a happy 10.4% return. Also, the little green section of the graph below indicates growth and the blue section indicates current balance. It’s pretty neat to watch that green area grow and grow! Hoping the market will continue to ride strong for this year. return.JPG

Additionally, for the remainder of this month, I will be closely monitoring my expenses especially in grocery, eating out, and shopping. Since I moved closer to the city, I’ve been able to decrease transportation and rent costs. However, I will also be going to Mexico next week and I am planning on spending money on water tours, activities, and delicious Mexican food!

I’m excited this month for my first big international trip. I’m happy about the market performance. I’m happy about my net worth. And I hope you’ve had a great time reading this!

2016 and 2017 Net Worth Comparison

I know January has come and gone and March will be arriving soon… But I wanted to post about my January 2016 and 2017 net worth comparisons! I find it interesting to review my net worth differences given my transition from being an intern to a full-time employee. Increasing my wage from $20/hr to $32/hour really helped me to aggressively save.

2016 Net Worth Comparison

January 26, 2016 was when I started to log my net worth growth. I would update my net worth bi-weekly, following the same schedule of when I received my paycheck. During this time, I was still an intern earning $20/hour. My total net worth by the end of January was

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November Update: $50,000 Mark!

2016 November Net Worth Update

Despite trying to be a low-key spender, I ended up splurging this month (previous post on purchasing a new fridge and other necessities). In my accounts, my credit cards right now stands at a whopping -$2,500 due to the new fridge. However, I pay my statement balances in full so it will drop next month. I never make minimum payments or accrue interest on my credit card debts. I advise anyone who may be starting out with credits cards to hold the same responsibility; buy what you can realistically afford and pay it all off once the statement is due.

Rocking November

I checked my Mint today to find that Ihit $50,000. Based on my budgets and estimation, I was expecting to surpass $50,000 in December. However, my stocks, IRA, and 401K are all performing well. I also received company stock grant that helped push my net worth up. As a result, I was able to surpass my goal earlier than anticipated.

Aside from the new fridge,

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November Update: $45,000 saved!

November is a wonderful month because it’s a kick-off to consumerism for me (just a little sarcasm). Black Friday is right around the corner and Christmas shopping has already started for me! Last month, I even surprised my mom with a new stainless steel fridge to replace our 24+ year old fridge (you read that right!)

I think it’s healthy for me not to spend money on things I don’t need. However, there’s a time for replacing things when they’ve been well used and worn out. Like our old fridge. It started to freeze our food in the fridge and freezer burned most of the food in the freezer. Even the water dispenser was giving out. At first, I considered fixing the water dispenser – and ignoring the freezer burn and my yogurt freezing over in the fridge.

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